Desserts and Hot Drinks

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Rocker’s Steak House dessert menu features American classics: cheesecakes, waffles and more.

Or if you don’t fancy a dessert, why not to have a milkshake instead?

We also offer a large variety of hot drinks to complement your sweet treat. Choose from freshly ground coffees, fair-trade teas, or an indulgent hot chocolate.

    • Our Desserts

    • Hand-made OREO Cookie Cheesecake


      Layers of chocolate mousse and cheesecake mixed with crushed cookies on a digestive biscuit base. Served with Oreo chunks and dark chocolate drizzle

    • Hand-made Vanilla Cheesecake


      Unbaked vanilla cheesecake on a butter digestive biscuit base. Served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry drizzle

    • Hand-made Chocolate Brownie


      Made with Belgian chocolate, ground almonds and gluten free flour. Loaded up with toffee, brownie chunks & pecan nuts. Served warm with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate drizzle

    • Ice Cream


      Four scoops of real dairy ice cream. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry

    • Maple Syrup and Chocolate Waffle


      Warm cinnamon waffle topped with maple syrup, whipped cream, scoop of chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, and marshmallows

    • Strawberry Waffle


      Warm cinnamon waffle topped with whipped cream, scoop of strawberry ice cream, strawberry sauce, and marshmallows

    • Banana Fritters


      Freshly breaded and served hot with vanilla ice cream, honey drizzle, grated coconut sprinkle and a hint of lime

    • Hot Drinks

    • Espresso

    • Double Espresso

    • Latte

    • Cappuccino

    • Americano

    • Macchiato

    • Mocha

    • Hot Chocolate

    • Liqueur Coffee


      With liqueur of your choice: Whisky, Brandy, Kahlua, Baileys, Cointreau, or anything else

    • Selection of Teas


      English breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, Peppermint, Fresh Mint, or Chamomile